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Skin Tags
Also known as acrochorda or fibro-epithelial polyps
These benign tumours typically grow to about the size of a grain of rice but can be as big as a raisin or even larger.  They may be flesh coloured or pigmented and some are pedunculated (grow on a fleshy stalk). 
Skin tags most commonly form in areas where there is friction, normally where skin rubs on skin, e.g. the armpits, under the breasts, the groin and on the eyelids. They can also be a problem where jewellery or clothing rubs and are common on the neck and sometimes occur on the back where T-shirts repeatedly rub during activity. They can also form just inside or under the nose.  Those which occur where underwear has rubbed, whilst extremely common, can be particularly distressing. 
Skin tags which occur where clothing or jewellery irritates them can become very sore and may be treated for this reason.  However, most people have them removed because they consider them unsightly.
They can normally be quickly, safely and successfully removed by ACP leaving smooth skin once the area has completely healed (normally within a couple of weeks.

                               Underarm skin tags                                         Skin tag caused by 
                                                                                   friction from bra               
Please see "Before and After" page to see these
blemishes following ACP treatment.



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