Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - effective removal of skin disorders and blemishes

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
effective removal of skin blemishes for men and women
Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) uses diathermy to remove a large variety of skin blemishes such as blood spots, skin tags, thread veins, spider naevi, warts, seborrhoeic keratoses, milia, epidermoid cysts, age spots and other benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions. Many types of mole (naevus) can also be treated.

Cosmetic electrolysis, using short-wave diathermy, has historically only been associated with hair removal and the use of advanced techniques to treat fibrous, viral and vascular skin blemishes has been overlooked by many people, including many of those in the medical profession.  It has commonly been assumed that only a dermatologist can remove benign growths and other skin defects, but these excellent, safe, affordable techniques are now available from independent beauty specialists qualified in advanced cosmetic procedures.

Facial blemishes may be particularly distressing for both men and women as they can be difficult or impossible to hide.  However, disfigured skin on the
rest of the body can also be embarrassing.  Those of either sex may restrict their choice of clothing as they choose to conceal skin defects.  For example, ladies often feel unable to wear low-cut tops or backless dresses if they have moles,  blood spots or seborrhoeic keratoses on their neck, chest or back and both men and women may cover up areas where unsightly skin tags have formed.  
With cutbacks and over-stretched medical resources, removal of benign skin lesions is now only very rarely available on the NHS.  Disfiguring and/or embarrassing skin imperfections are seen as minor cosmetic problems, regardless of the psychological effect on the person suffering with them.  
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